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21 Mayo 2015 

Online discount coupon provider Groupon Inc (GRPN.O) is in talks to. As soon as you are after more strategies and information with regard to SITE TOPIC GOES HERE ; see or perhaps immediately.sell a majority stake in its South Korean mobile e-commerce company, Ticket Monster Inc, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people with knowledge of the matter.

Groupon, which bought Ticket Monster for $260 million in Click here November 2013, has discussed a valuation of about $1 billion for South Korea's second-largest mobile e-commerce company, the people said.

The deal could include a partnership under which Ticket Monster founder and Chief Executive Daniel Shin would continue to run the company with private-equity backing, the report said.

A deal could be completed by the end of March, it added.

Groupon's shares were up 4.7 percent in premarket trading on Thursday. Take a peek at publisher austin jones's online resources on SITE TOPIC GOES HERE online discount coupons , indiatikki couponsUp to Wednesday's close the company's stock had Flipkart coupons fallen more than 30 percent Flipkart coupons in the past 12 months.

Groupon could not be reached for comment.

Ticket Monster, whose biggest competitor is Coupang, has reported losses for the past four years and has been seeking investors.

(Reporting by Kshitiz Goliya in Bengaluru; Editing by Ted Kerr)

12 Mayo 2015 
Such shameless bravura and such a clear and open invitation to "do battle" on stage, echoed other famous rap. Read up on novelist nicholas schaefer's web blog .stand-offs, including Biggie and Tupac, Jay-Z and Nas, and the whole "East Coast/West Coast" thing - though from a slightly more English perspective and without a single firearm in sight.

Professor Elemental and Mr. B: Room for Two Gentleman Rhymers?

"Well, it's a funny one," muses Paul from his south coast home, when asked to comment on his true feelings for the Surrey native. "It was born out of a genuine rivalry in that I do a lot of gigs around Brighton and there's a brilliant hip-hop scene there that doesn't necessarily take itself too seriously, but it's still very much hip-hop.

So I did the song Fighting Trousers...Obviously I am being the Professor, so I can't take it too seriously, do you know what I mean? I'm wearing a pith helmet and shorts, so it's supposed to be a parody of your normal rap battle track, but at the same time, the battle is like the absolute essence of hip-hop - that was what hip-hop was born out of, you know?

But, apart from these subtle stylistic differences, it would be a bit churlish of me to say, 'Oh, we're wildly and completely different' because at the end of the day, we are two Middle Class white blokes doing a piss-take, to a certain extent, of the kind of rap standards."

Professor Elemental and Mr. B: Playing the Game

Curiously, the story of how this unique take on rap came about, as well as the alleged "beef" between its two most talented exponents, has even made the news across the pond. when you're excited by SITE TOPIC GOES HERE check into as well as .

Has Paul been surprised at all the controversy that Fighting Trousers and the alleged "turf war" has generated?

Suite 101: How does your music differ from that of Mr. B's?

That is the whole basis of it, and so, I thought it was quite important to bring a little bit of that into the world of cabaret and yes, I have since spoken to him and I have now got him to battle me at the Meadowlands Festival in a couple of months time. I'm going to take him down!"

"Hip-Hop with a Funny Hat and a Slightly Silly Voice"

The music known as "Chap-Hop" borrows most of the fundamental ideas of hip-hop and adds a distinctly "English" twist, in terms of delivery and subject matter. Instead of glorifying violence and gang warfare, these quaint chaps wax lyrical about cups of Earl Grey tea, cricket, the joys of pipe-smoking and the fun to be had at the traditional summer fete.

"I've got super producers and fans that play me, you've got a grandad's moustache and a ukulele," boast the fairly confrontational lyrics.

In fact, only a few months after it happened, they did a few big gigs together and released some songs and made loads and loads of money out of it and even made statements to that effect, saying, 'Yeah, we've had our fun, now we want to make some money'. That's all part of the game, isn't it?"

Professor Elemental and Mr. B: Partners in Rhyme?

Suite 101: So do you think you and Mr. B might do a duet together at some point?

In late 2010, Brighton-based rapper, Professor Elemental (aka Paul Alborough) caused a bit of a storm in a tea cup when he very publicaly "dissed" the moustachioed, banjolele-wielding, Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer (also a resident of the above-mentioned charming seaside town) on You Tube, in his uptempo ditty, Fighting Trousers.

"The Chap-Hop thing's weird because just prior to this Mr. B stuff, everyone was defining me as 'Steampunk,'" explains Paul. "Things like, 'Oh well, you're the new face of Steampunk' and I was like, 'Well, not really.' I mean, I'm happy to be either of those things, but really it's just hip-hop with a funny hat and a slightly silly voice - it is just hip-hop."

"It'll be exactly like that! It'll be exactly like that, except a lot less violent and with more scones and tea."

Even in terms of his live act - it's a selection of songs that people know, but with him playing the banjolele and doing his version of them, which is perfectly fine it its own way, but I'm very much more about, if you're going to do hip-hop, and you can do it about anything, you might as well do new songs.

"I think there is a bit of a subtle distinction between me and him in that he does a lot of covers, apart from anything else, whereas I feel very strongly that I only want to do new things. I think that's the biggest thing really between me and him.

"It's a depends how the battle at Meadowlands goes. I'm not sure whether it will create more of a scrap between us or we might make up and do stuff together. It's a bit of a grey area at the moment because I've been really dragging him into it.

Suite 101: What can fans expect? Will it be like watching the final scene of 8 Mile?

That's where we are with it at the moment, so I don't know whether we'll end up being friends, or whether we'll just carry on fighting till everyone's bored of us. Who knows?"

Professor Elemental Vs Mr. B: The Countdown Begins...

As revealed, the hotly-anticipated head-to-head between the two Gentleman Rhymers will take place at the end of May at the Meadowlands Festival near Brighton - the ideal setting for the much-publicised clash of these two Chap-Hop heavyweights.

It's battling and free-styling and so on, and every time I went out, people were saying, (adopts cockney accent), 'Have you heard about this Mr. B? You gotta battle him, you gotta have a go at Mr. B - he's doing the same as you, he biting your style!' which of course in hip-hop is a great crime.

I feel a bit like a bullying kid in a playground and there's this other poor guy saying, 'No, I don't really want to play the game.' (Adopts the Professor's voice) 'No, you must play the game. Come and play the game with me or I'll tell everybody you're a twit!'

"Yeah, I was completely surprised and I really enjoyed it as well - I've utterly loved it!" he enthuses. "It's fantastic because it's the same with any rap battle that's ever been publically been known about - Jay Z and Nas is an obvious example. There was a huge rap battle and it was all very serious, but it wasn't real! Do you know what I mean? They weren't really going to fight each other!

30 Avr 2015 

Murray strolls into BMW QFs

Munich, Germany ( - Top seed Andy Murray was an easy second-round winner Thursday at the BMW Open tennis event. any person fascinated by. Take a peek at veterinary erina johnson's website pages on SITE TOPIC GOES HERE : SITE TOPIC GOES HERE; see and also .

he Australian Open runner-up blew...


Haase ousts Lopez in Portugal

Estoril, Portugal ( - Dutchman Robin Haase upset top seed Feliciano Lopez of Spain in Wednesday's second-round action at the inaugural Estoril Open...


Muguruza ousted in Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco ( - Top seed Garbine Muguruza of Spain went by way of an upset Wednesday at the Moroccan Grand Prix tennis event.France's Kristina ...


Federer reaches Istanbul quarters

Istanbul, Turkey ( - Swiss icon Roger Federer posted a second-round victory Wednesday at the inaugural Istanbul Open.The top-seeded former world ...

27 Avr 2015 
WASHINGTON -- Sharon Bialek can be a straight-shooting single mom, the actual men in their existence say.

"She is extremely honest. The Lady wouldn't normally make something up," your ex father, Chester Bialek, 85, told the particular Every Day News.

Bialek, a new 50-year-old Chicagoan, simply came forward along with the woman's tale regarding becoming groped through Herman Cain since your woman felt it absolutely was the woman's duty -- not several publicity or political stunt.

"She's a conservative, just just like me. in case you're considering SITE TOPIC GOES HERE; investigate , .

To be Able To be honest, this dazzled me. I had no idea the lady had been even throughout New York," he said.

"She wouldn't normally lie."

Bialek's fiancé, Mark Harwood, told WBBM radio she's got a new "good heart."

"My coronary heart of coronary heart says the reason she's come forward can be to become your voice of these additional ladies [and to\] vindicate herself a little bit," said Harwood, who may be along with Bialek regarding 4 a lengthy time -- as well as your ex fiancé for your past year.

Bialek's celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, said Bialek has been a new full-time homemaker for your pasttwo years, doting on her 13-year-old son.

Bialek fulfilled Cain through your ex former job with the National Restaurant Association's schooling foundation, and also sought his help in July 1997 following losing your ex position.

Bialek stated just about all your woman got for her networking efforts has been an unwanted sexual advance, and instead settled in for you to a five-year stint within the marketing and also advertising department with regard to WGN Radio, then 3 a extended time at CBS Radio.

Before landing at the National Restaurant Association's education foundation, Bialek hosted a new cooking display for nearly a decade, and worked pertaining to Revlon as an account manager as well as in corporate development for your Easter Seals Society.

"She's had a large amount of jobs, and some problems, but I don't want to obtain too personal," her dad said.

In 1999, Bialek became embroiled in a paternity petition over the woman's son along with marketing executive West Naze, in accordance with Chicago court records along with certainly one of the lawyers concerned within the case.

The case began like a petition to become able to set up parentage along with continued by means of a minimal of 2009 together with orders regarding family members counseling, parenting courses, and little one support as well as education and learning expenses to become paid.

Naze couldn't end up being reached regarding comment. His loved ones declined in order to comment.

Bialek twice filed regarding bankruptcy protection, throughout 1991 and in 2001, court records show.

Allred stated Bialek's motives had been pure - the girl could get offered the girl story, yet chose certainly not to.

Bialek had been even blunter.

"I don't believe we could have got anybody in the White Home who's unable to tell your truth," Bialek advised CNN Monday night.

Edgar Sandoval along with Alison Gendar


WASHINGTON -- Sharon Bialek is a straight-shooting single mom, the actual men in the woman's own existence say.

"She is very honest. Your Woman wouldn't normally help make something up," her father, Chester Bialek, 85, informed the actual Every Day News.

Bialek, a new 50-year-old Chicagoan, just came forward along with your ex tale of being groped by simply Herman Cain simply because the lady felt it had been her duty -- certainly not some publicity or perhaps political stunt.

"She's a conservative, just such as me. In Order To always be honest, this dazzled me. I had no clue she has been even in New York," he said.

"She wouldn't normally lie."

Bialek's fiancé, Mark Harwood, informed WBBM radio she has a "good heart."

"My heart regarding coronary heart says the reason why she's arrive forward is being the voice of those other ladies [and to\] vindicate herself a bit bit," mentioned Harwood, that may be with Bialek with regard to 4 a lengthy time .

Bialek's celebrity lawyer. Have a look at artice writer thomas davis's resources on SITE TOPIC GOES HERE or Gloria Allred, mentioned Bialek may be any homemaker for two years, doting to become using her 13-year-old son.

Bialek met Cain by means of the girl former occupation with the National Restaurant Association's education and learning foundation, and sought his assist after losing your ex position.

Bialek said almost all she got on her networking efforts had been an unwanted sexual advance, and also instead settled into a five-year stint inside the marketing and advertising department regarding WGN Radio, followed by 3 a lengthy time with CBS Radio.

Before landing in the National Restaurant Association's education and learning foundation, Bialek hosted a cooking display for pretty much a decade, and worked for that Easter Seals Society.

"She's had a large amount of jobs, plus some problems, but I don't want to obtain too personal," her dad said.

In 1999, Bialek became embroiled in the paternity petition over the girl son using marketing and advertising executive West Naze, in accordance with Chicago court records and also certainly 1 of the particular lawyers concerned inside the case.

The case began as a petition to set up parentage and also continued via at least 2009 along with orders with regard to family counseling, parenting courses, and also youngster assistance .

Naze cannot always be reached with regard to comment. His family declined


Bialek twice filed regarding bankruptcy protection, in 1991 and in 2001, court records show.


Edgar Sandoval and also Alison Gendar

"Her motives are pure, " Allred later on told CNN. "She provides not really accepted funds with regard to this story. The Lady 's certainly not going to accept it. The Girl wants the facts to occur out. "

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